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Virtual Learning In Recent Times

Recently, the world has been facing numerous challenges due to a global pandemic. Covid-19 brought life to a complete standstill in many parts of the world. Social activities were limited (if not completely stopped) everywhere for several weeks.

Even though the cases are declining in some countries, the nightmare still seems far from over. The world is adjusting to a ‘new normal’ as a vaccine is still nowhere in sight. Therefore, some changes need to be incorporated into our daily lives for a longer period.

During the lockdown, educational institutions were kept shut to protect children from catching the deadly virus. At the same time, parents and learning providers were concerned about the loss of studies for students. Not just this, if the children didn’t have anything to do all day long they could develop bad habits or become stressed about the ongoing crisis.

In this situation, virtual learning has proved to be a lifesaver. Considering the circumstances, the concept has emerged as a favorable option for the future as well. Let us weigh some pros and cons of virtual learning against classroom teaching.

Online classes allow businesses to reduce operational costs significantly. For parents, the daily expenditures (such as fuel and stationery) are also decreased. Most importantly, in the current scenario, virtual learning is not only a wise choice but necessary to preserve everyone’s mental peace as well.

However, there are some ways in which conventional methods of teaching seem better. For example, scientific experiments cannot be performed virtually. Online classes also do not provide the social interaction that young kids need.

Nonetheless, the pandemic has taught us that we need to improve the current system of education. After all, this generation relies on technology for all its needs. Education should be no different.

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