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The recent global pandemic has given the online education industry an instant boom. An increasing number of people are switching to virtual mediums as it feels safer to educate the children at home. The previously unaware section of the society is also trying to catch up to this trend by arranging facilities like the internet and online learning tools.

Due to this, social interactions are becoming even more limited. Children are confined to their homes and not getting to participate in extracurricular activities. The upcoming generation is learning a new lifestyle which is completely different from its predecessors.

This is an evolving situation. Hence, parents and learning providers need to figure out a way to engage kids in physical activities without compromising their safety. If we can’t let our children go to the playground, we need to have enough space and equipment at home to provide a similar kind of nourishment.

A few years ago, there would be movie scenes depicting a future world where every function has become robotic. There would be machines for every task that was earlier done manually. Now it seems like that perception of the future is becoming our reality.

We completely understand how overwhelming the situation is already. The ‘new normal’ doesn’t really seem normal yet and might not feel so for the next few months as well. However, it is of no use to complain about the situation and let the children suffer.

Instead, we need to take this situation heads on. Taking all the safety precautions into consideration, we need to introduce new ways of outdoor activities to our kids. We can’t let their mental peace diminish gradually by staying indoors and without meeting friends for a very long duration.


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