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The Importance of failures

Failures are an integral part of any learning process. Growth would not be possible without facing setbacks in life. Our experiences shape our personalities and make us better human beings.

Now just think for a moment. Do we instill this perspective in the minds of our children? We’re sure the answer for most parents and teachers is in negative.

We should be teaching our kids to remain steadfast in the face of challenges. Failure is only temporary and to keep trying is the most important thing in life. Right from childhood, we should help our kids develop a no-quit personality.

Instead, we teach them that achieving a certain percentage is a matter of life and death. We tell them that failure is not an option. This instills a fear of failure in their minds which severely hampers their performance.

This kind of upbringing does not only leave a child demotivated but also has negative effects on his/her future personality. The imbalance between the unrealistic expectations in childhood and the harsh realities in adult life leaves a person perplexed. On one hand they’re taught it is never okay to fail and on the other hand life will test them with failures time and again.

Therefore, we need to consider the nature of life and train our children to be stronger. A child’s worth is not determined by his/her academic grades but by the willingness to learn. He/she should be unafraid of trying new things. Whether it is education, sports or any other field, an individual should be able to learn from the failures and never stop trying in life.

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