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The basics of English grammar

Richard C. Trench once termed grammar as the logic of speech and we couldn’t agree more. Grammar is the foundation of every language. Without proper grammar, writing and speaking skills can never improve. The basic grammar includes

Getting these rights should be the target to make the writing and speaking flawlessly. Many people who speak English might be amazed to see how many mistakes they make in their writings. This is because grammar is very important in writing skills. Speech always gives one the benefit of ignoring grammar but this is not the case in writing.

Correct use of grammar will make your writing expression impressive. The correct use of just a “comma” can change the meaning of an entire sentence. Similarly, the tenses should also be used carefully as it explains the time of the action. Merely using “is” instead of “was” can change the action from past to present.

The universe always moves in a pattern, nature follows a pattern and so does human life. Thus it is our natural instinct to follow a certain path in everything we do. The same is applied to languages. One can never learn a language unless proper attention is given to its foundation. So grammar is an integral part of a language.

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