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 Time Management Skills- Effective in Academic Success.

Effective Planning for high school students

 Time Management Skills and Techniques for Students Time management skills can be understood as a student centers on striking a pleasant equilibrium between school responsibilities, academic life, and personal relaxation. Imposing structure on your daily routines as a student not only alleviates stress but also amplifies your productivity. While conventional time management counsel like maintaining […]

5 Major Flaws Of Our Educational System

Education is essential for an individual man. It is considered necessary for the progress of a nation. The modern education system has flaws, and they are pretty visible. The Modern Education system produces 9-5 job workers with a limited skill set and working hard to meet ends. There is a famous saying: “School kills the artist in […]

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters   Mental health and wellbeing are vital for generally wellbeing. The World Health Organization characterizes wellbeing as “A condition of complete physical, mental, and social prosperity”. For us all, our psychological, physical, and social wellbeing are reliant.   Psychological sickness can weave itself through all parts of one’s life: actual wellbeing, nurturing, […]

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