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How To Craft A Compelling Story-Best Practices

How many of you have watched the “Harry Potter” series? There are hundreds perhaps millions in the world who are well aware of this record-breaking series. The budget for its 8 films was $1.2 billion and on box office, it accumulated $7.7 billion. Don’t you think it’s a huge success? Yes, it is. J.k. Rowling’s […]

5 Inspiring Stories To Read

The word ‘Story’ has an inner connection with every one of us. It reminds us of our childhood, it inspires us at every stage of life. Stories, if narrated well and told well, can change lives. It is human psychology that they learn better with metaphors and get inspiration from stories. And the other interesting […]

Story writing

Story writing Story writing is not just a writing activity but is it also a form of art. This art can captivate the minds of the readers and take them to a world which is physically unreachable. Fantasy, fairy tale, history, adventure you name it and you can be there just by flipping a few […]

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