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Equipping Our Students for the Future of Online Learning

Introduction Today we are living in a dynamically transitional world that is changing with every single moment, and so is our education. Traditional schooling has been replaced with Online learning, which was once considered as the pigeonhole for acquiring education. Online education has now become a mainstream mode of learning. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated […]

Ways To Develop And Polish Skills

Ways To Develop And Polish Skills Skills are significant on the grounds that they permit you to make key and strategic designs for individual and expert development towards your objectives. It tends to be useful to sharpen self-improvement skills with the goal that you can normally work them into your everyday schedules and use them. […]

7 Things To Level Up Your Personal Growth

  In the fast era of ours, we are less prone to give attention to ourselves. It is an unfortunate thing that we don’t give a damn to our personal grooming. But let me pose here a simple question that, who does not want to be a better version with the passage of time? Of […]

Four interesting ‘techniques’ of Reading

Four interesting ‘techniques’ of Reading Reading is a skill, an art, and most importantly, it is a continuous activity. We use it in our daily lives without even knowing it. Sometimes we read words and other times we may read human expressions, behaviors, and feelings. There are some techniques that are very helpful when we […]

Children’s Cognitive Skills

CHILDREN’S COGNITIVE SKILLS Having a toddler at home can be really fun and interesting. At the same time, it can be extremely noisy and chaotic. The preschool years are very challenging for young parents as they’re also learning new things along with the child. In the beginning, children are attracted to colors and shapes. This […]

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