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Become A Better Reader

  Become A Better Reader   Many individuals appreciate reading as a method for unwinding and advancing their brains. Reading is additionally an undeniably basic ability to master and create to be fruitful in school and in the expert world. By social occasion the right understanding materials, utilizing a couple of procedures to expand your […]

5 Tips To Cultivate Reading Habit

Let us begin our blog, 5 Tips To Cultivate Reading Habit, with the wise advice of Amit Kalantri, he said once, “Before this generation lose the wisdom, one advice – read books.” Thought-provoking advice, indeed.  The more we are becoming lazy readers the greater is the rate of the quality brains we are losing. Join […]

Four interesting ‘techniques’ of Reading

Four interesting ‘techniques’ of Reading Reading is a skill, an art, and most importantly, it is a continuous activity. We use it in our daily lives without even knowing it. Sometimes we read words and other times we may read human expressions, behaviors, and feelings. There are some techniques that are very helpful when we […]

Reading: Food for thought

“Food” is an essential part of the human life. Our survival is impossible without food. Same is the need of a human mind. It needs food. Now, we all know that brain works as the CPU of a human body. Whatever we will put in it, it will process it and perform accordingly. Thus it […]

The Habit of Reading

THE HABIT OF READING Reading is a great habit to have for a number of reasons. Once you become fully aware of its benefits, you’ll never want to stop reading. In the text that follows, we aim to share some of these benefits and also talk about how to develop this habit. Firstly, reading enhances […]

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