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Merry Minds: Celebrate Christmas with Enriching Online Education

Introduction: Embracing the festive spirit of Christmas goes beyond just festive decorations and exchanging gifts; it’s also an opportune time for personal growth and development. Amidst the joy and togetherness, there’s a rising inclination towards using the holiday season as a platform for self-improvement. Beyond traditional celebrations, individuals are now incorporating a commitment to education […]

5 Achievable And Smart New Year’s Resolutions

Forgive all who wronged you. Embrace all of your faults. Say thanks for each little happiness you have. Worry not for the future. Think positive and have positive in return. Give the world the best you can. Help the needy and ask blessings from thy Lord not only for yourself but for all the humanity around […]

2020 and its challenges

From the blood moon to the fire in Beirut, from extreme weather to a global pandemic, this year has shown us all kinds of challenges one after another. There is a long list of unprecedented incidents that this generation has witnessed. Needless to say, the year 2020 is far from ordinary. No person, no community, […]

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