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How To Study Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever noticed that some students in the world always seems to get an A plus while other are struggling so hard? Now a question arises why do those students always get an A plus? What makes them different? What did they do differently that makes them smart? How do they study? Most undergrads […]

Jargon and register

Jargon and register Jargon and register has a very important part in the learning of a language. It is present in every language. The native speakers of a language always have the knowledge naturally but for others, it is a hard work. ‘Jargon’ means the words or vocabulary related to a specific profession or a […]

All work and no play

All work and no play Over the recent years, it has been observed that the children have been struggling to manage their studies and play time activities. The constant pressure of getting the highest grades is draining all the positivity from the children. A child who already spends 6-7 hours in school is made to […]

How To Prepare For The Exam-The Best Practices

According to ETC Wanyanwu “The difference between a good and a poor student is results.” If we take it only for the studies and exams, this is very true, but what are the key things that affect the studies exams and their results? In today’s blog post, let us discuss “How To Prepare For The […]

How Online Learning Is The Future Of Education

Quick Overview: Over 30% Of The Students In United States Are Going For Online Courses Availability is hassle-free A lot of choices to opt Within the range of your pocket Flexible without interfering with routine life Globally recognized mentors available Over 95% of educators surveyed believe digital and online learning has a positive impact on […]


THE EVOLUTION OF CALCULATORS  Whenever you need to calculate a huge sum, you immediately look around for a calculator. All mobile phones and computer devices have a built-in calculator these days. In schools and colleges, calculators are allowed beyond a certain grade so that complex mathematic problems can be solved easily. No doubt we’re all […]

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