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Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters   Mental health and wellbeing are vital for generally wellbeing. The World Health Organization characterizes wellbeing as “A condition of complete physical, mental, and social prosperity”. For us all, our psychological, physical, and social wellbeing are reliant.   Psychological sickness can weave itself through all parts of one’s life: actual wellbeing, nurturing, […]

Brainstorming Techniques

Brainstorming Techniques   Brainstorming joins a relaxed, casual way to deal with critical thinking with sidelong reasoning. It urges individuals to concoct musings and thoughts that can, from the start, appear to be somewhat insane. A portion of these thoughts can be made into unique, clever fixes to an issue, while others can start significantly […]

Health Of Students And Education

Health Of Students And Education Education, health and prosperity are characteristically connected. The proof behind the significance of Education as a determinant of wellbeing is among the most convincing. Education is unequivocally connected with future, dreariness, wellbeing practices, and instructive accomplishment assumes a significant part in wellbeing by molding openings, business, and pay. Sound students […]

How To Study Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever noticed that some students in the world always seems to get an A plus while other are struggling so hard? Now a question arises why do those students always get an A plus? What makes them different? What did they do differently that makes them smart? How do they study? Most undergrads […]

6 Interesting English Expressions You Would Enjoy

It happens sometimes when we move on to bake a delicious pizza and we end up in a half baked brown bread. Things sometimes do not end up as we expect. Same is the case with languages such as English.  At times we take an expression in some other way and it means something else. […]

A Few Habits To Become More Intelligent

We appreciate Einstein, Aristotle, Newton, Al-Biruni, Al-Khwārizmī, Shakespeare, and Sophocles. Why? Because of their intelligence! Because of their fame! Every one of us, each one of us has intelligence. But the need is to cultivate it properly. We have to increase observation, studies, thought process, faith, and a strong belief in whatever we are doing […]

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