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Story writing

Story writing

Story writing is not just a writing activity but is it also a form of art. This art can captivate the minds of the readers and take them to a world which is physically unreachable. Fantasy, fairy tale, history, adventure you name it and you can be there just by flipping a few pages.

Story structure/pattern is very important while writing a story. There are some basic parts of a story structure which can also be called the outline of the story. They are as follows:

  1. Plotsetting: this is the basic idea of the story. It also shows where the story takes place and in what context it is starting. This part is basically the intro of the story.
  2. Characters: characters are introduced in the story after creating the plot. Each character is defined through description so the reader would know its place in the story.
  3. Problem: every story has a situation where everything gets messed up or the characters face a huge obstacle. Without a problem, the story is stagnant and would not provide any happening or movement in the story.
  4. Climax/peak: also called the turning point of the story. It is a point where the story takes a step towards the solution of the problem.
  5. Ending/Solution: this part is where the problem ends. Endings can vary, they can be good or bad, happy or sad.

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