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Throughout 2020, every parent has done his/her best to protect their children from novel coronavirus. Keeping them motivated and mentally at ease has been an additional challenge. Although the academic studies suffered greatly in the initial months, switching to online education has somewhat helped in regaining momentum.

However, the nightmare is still not over. Most countries are currently experiencing a second wave of the global pandemic. With depleted health force and a mentally exhausted public, it is becoming even harder to fight the disease.

Moreover, as we step into the new year, the future of our kids is more uncertain than ever before. The introduction of an effective vaccine has been promised by many sources but it will take a significant time to reach the masses. In this situation, it remains unsure whether we need to treat this as a temporary situation or normalize it as the new way of life.

What we mean to say is, with intermittent lockdown everywhere, children are torn between two extremely different lifestyles. Of course, the general safety precautions remain the same but the way of studying keeps changing. So, children may feel conflicted about what coming years may feel like.

Honestly, nobody knows when we will be back to the pre-covid ways. It could happen in months, or this pandemic may continue for a year or two. It is hard to point out the ideal narrative that parents need to pass on to growing children.

But by taking advantage of this unprecedented new year, we can pass on the mantle of hope to the future generation. We must teach them that no matter what the situation is, they must always keep their spirits high. This way their minds will be strong enough to deal with any challenge that comes their way.

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