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The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a pivotal examination that plays a crucial role in college admissions. We are here to support you on your journey to achieving an outstanding SAT score, opening doors to top-tier colleges and universities.


Online SAT & ACT Practice Exams

Take a live, online practice exam to help you prepare for the official test. You’ll get an official test and answer sheet and will be able to get your score instantly via YCC mobile app. Interested in AP practice exams? Click here.


Taking full length practice tests under timed conditions is important to being ready for the official test. This practice exam will support your children to build testing stamina and give you a real time snapshot of their testing performance.

What Does Our

SAT/ACT Exam Prep Cover?

At YourCloudCampus, our SAT Exam Prep program covers all sections of the test, including:


Enhance your reading comprehension skills through the analysis of various passages, honing your ability to understand and interpret complex texts.

Writing and Language

Master the art of effective communication by improving grammar, punctuation, and usage skills. Learn to revise and edit passages for clarity, coherence, and conciseness.


Strengthen your mathematical reasoning, problem-solving, and data interpretation abilities. Our math lessons cover algebra, geometry, statistics, and advanced math topics tested in the SAT.

Essay (Optional):

Develop persuasive writing skills and learn to craft well-structured, coherent, and insightful essays in response to given prompts.

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Embark on your SAT exam prep journey with YourCloudCampus and empower yourself to excel. With our comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and a supportive learning environment, you’ll be equipped to achieve your desired SAT score and unlock a world of opportunities.

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