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Reading: Food for thought

“Food” is an essential part of the human life. Our survival is impossible without food. Same is the need of a human mind. It needs food. Now, we all know that brain works as the CPU of a human body. Whatever we will put in it, it will process it and perform accordingly. Thus it is necessary that we take care of what is going inside our brain.

One of the main activity that proves to be very delicious for our brain is reading. Reading provides immense knowledge. It broadens our thinking and makes our thought process more productive. Reading a good novel/story makes you experience different situations which you have not gone through in real life where as reading a poem can make feel relaxed and peaceful.

As a student, reading is a very helpful activity as it

  1. Provides information
  2. Improves vocabulary
  3. Increases reading speed
  4. Makes you mindful
  5. Shapes up the personality

It is considered as food for the thought as it activates the brain’s thinking process and our thinking get a new direction. You can always find a book to deal with any problem you face. Name a subject and you can find uncountable books about it. So make yourself indulge in reading and you will see the world change around you.


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