About Us

Mission Statement

“To transform the learning experience through the use of technology and make it accessible and useful to the world.”

Is it really About Us?

Your Cloud Campus is fundamentally About you first, and then we all.

So, What on earth is Your Cloud Campus?

Your Cloud Campus is a multidisciplinary platform based in Singapore.

No number of words can tell about our potential clients. We have delivered courses from Grade-1 to Grade-12 and the learners above that. The 40,000 learners across the globe is a remarkable success that we have earned in the last few years. And these numbers are still growing. An innovative, user-friendly, and interactive tutoring platform where you can level up your skills and progress in your grades.

We want to add worth to your market value, so we take your education seriously. We become friends with our students through our one-on-one interactive online sessions and try to forge family bonds among us all. We believe in the mutual and long-lasting respect that we can gain with trust, and by delivering quality education, we can have a win-win situation on both sides.

Company At A Glance

It was in 2009 when an innovation like YCC touched the brains. YCC, as a leading education hub, was founded by Professor Aurangzeb (late) in 2009. With a unique one-to-one online education system, with 200 plus well-trained employees, YCC has delivered interactive sessions to more than 40,000 students worldwide up till now. Our leading pace has always been attributed to our teaching environment. We highly respect the knowledgeable world around us, so to improve the student’s grades and skills, to be in one-on-one connection with our students is imperative.

Our Workforce

Our well-trained and experienced trainers are well aware of the fact that our accomplishments are based on our passion for educating the world. Your Cloud Solution is aligned with innovative technology like virtual whiteboards etc.

YCC is a unique combination of experienced people from top to toe. We are Product Managers, App and Web developers, Designers, Marketing Gurus, Trainers, highly educated lecturers, the best human resource members, and trained IT Specialists. With our multitalented workforce, we are trying continuously to enhance the quality and reliability of our system, which you can trust.

With our 11 years of experience, we are the most trusted one-on-one education provider worldwide. We do not have any geographical limitations.

At Your Cloud Campus, one-to-one online tutoring methodology is just winning hearts, which is our ultimate victory. We, as a team, work with our team fellows to maintain our high standards of online interactive education, and we are available to serve you 24/7 in case of any query.

The Courses We Have Delivered Till Now:

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“We do not promise the things which we cannot fulfill.”

At your cloud campus,

We promise to build up your skill sets to empower you with the latest trends.

We promise to deliver top-notch quality education with your support.

We promise to prove our capabilities with our actions, not with words only.

We firmly believe that “actions speak louder than words.” Our one-on-one online courses delivered to more than 40,000 students are proof of that. So,

Thanks for trusting and choosing us!

It’s the perfect time to take off with us.

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