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Message of the day: Actions speak louder than words

The message of the day

Actions speak louder than words

In this occupied life, we hardly get time to ponder upon wise sayings. But in fact, every saying has a distinctive meaning. Today I would like to bring your attention towards this famous proverb “actions speak louder than words”. It is true that words do matter but actions matter even more. What we do, how we act; creates a lasting impression in people’s minds.

So in this time full of hardships and pandemic, we must be careful to act kindly and affectionately towards one another. Compassion is the action which needs to be followed to make the world a better place. Comforting the crying, supporting the weak and helping the disabled, would make you win hearts of the people around you.

How did I spend my day? This is the question we need to ask ourselves at the end of every day. Assessing your good and bad actions every day will make you understand that the way we act is very important. Try to add positiveness in your actions and you will see that you can overcome any obstacle in your life.

Instead of correcting other people we can show them how to act. Try being the person you want others to be. This all can be achieved with our own actions. So always act positively and create happiness around you.

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