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Major branches of science

The meaning of science that we’re familiar with is not complete. This is a complicated subject with several branches. Some sciences are interlinked while others are a completely different subject in their own right.

Earlier, as soon as someone spoke about the subject, it seemed like he/she is referring to medicinal science. Lately, more and more scientific areas are being identified. Let’s have a closer look at some of these.

Formal sciences are made up of fields related to math and logic. A relevant example of this in recent times would be information technology. Fields like physical and chemical sciences also fall in this category.

Another branch of science is called natural science. This includes the study of Earth and biological factors. For example, geology, which is the study of the Earth’s physical structures.

Social science is the study of behavioral patterns and cultural effects. It provides more knowledge about human feelings and social behaviors. An example of this science is the field of psychology.

Apart from these three main branches, there are various fields and subcategories of science. With newer discoveries and the refinement of previous theories, this is a fast expanding subject. One can easily say that the word science is no longer restricted to the field of medicine.

Moreover, an increased number of people are now moving away from conventional beliefs. Everyone needs a logical explanation of the way every part of this universe operates. This can only be provided by scientific theories. Thus we can say that in the coming years, science is bound to take over our lives like never before.

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