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Jargon and register

Jargon and register

Jargon and register has a very important part in the learning of a language. It is present in every language. The native speakers of a language always have the knowledge naturally but for others, it is a hard work.

‘Jargon’ means the words or vocabulary related to a specific profession or a group. These words can be formal or informal depending on the group.

Every profession has a different jargon. For example

Medical jargon: these words are used in the field of medicine such as syndrome, atypical, cardiac etc.

Business jargon: these words are used in the field of business such as vendors, balance sheet, invoices etc.

‘Register’ is related to the style of a language. It is more about the tone or the manner rather than just the use of words. It may vary from formal to informal, serious to easy going or respectful to distant.

Having a knowledge about jargon and register will help new learners to categorize the words. This would also help in formal writing where as ‘register’ would help create a sense of connection to the native speakers as well.


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