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Interesting facts about Geometry

Mathematics is a diverse subject and has many branches. Geometry is one of them. It can be termed as one of the most important and interesting branch of mathematics. The unique study of line, shapes and designs makes it fun and mesmerizing. The geometry is taken from the Greek language. It means measurement of the earth.

Interestingly, geometry can be found in nature. Nature is full of different shapes like ovals, circles, straight lines to curves and waves. Another fact that makes geometry fascinating Is the humans’ love for designs and shapes. We all are attracted to various objects of different shapes, designs and patterns. Be it jewellery, crockery or any furniture item, we choose the best pattern and latest designs.

Geometry also has an important role in building structures. The field of architecture involves a careful study of how to design a building . It uses geometry in each structure. If you like geometry as a student, you can opt for becoming an architect in future.

If you are wondering who created geometry, it was a Greek mathematician Euclid also known as the Father of Geometry. Apart from buildings and objects, geometry can also be useful in sports and arts. The angle of the stroke of the brush of an artist can make a painter perspective change. Where as in sports the angle with which a player plays the shot is very important. Therefore all these facts make geometry an interesting subject.

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