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How To Prepare For The Exam-The Best Practices

According to ETC Wanyanwu

“The difference between a good and a poor student is results.”

If we take it only for the studies and exams, this is very true, but what are the key things that affect the studies exams and their results? In today’s blog post, let us discuss “How To Prepare For The Exam-The Best Practices” briefly. I hope this is going to be helpful.

Do Not Wait Till The Last Day

Remember the words of Charles Dickens, he said once,

“My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Belive it or not, one of the bad habits for many of the students is procrastination. They take it to the last days. If students opt for pre-planning and take extra care in advance, this can be helpful. To cover up the bulk at once is difficult than to cover it in chunks. The worst thing about waiting till the last day is they may lose confidence in covering up all the syllabus, and they may have to go for selective studies, which is a risky thing. So, do not wait till the last day. Do not throw yourself to the last minutes of the exam days cramming everything, which is not a favorite activity in any sense.

Keep Your Study Area Tidy, Clean, And Organized

The mess around the study room will give a messy feel to the mind as well. It is all about focus and attention. If a student is not attentive, there are more chances that a student will lose interest soon, affecting the whole exam preparation badly.
Organize your study area well, keep it well lit, and keep the distractions out from your study space. The distractions may vary from student to student. To some, distractions may be digital devices, and for others, these may be the newspapers, extra curriculum books, magazines, etc. So stay away from all these to make maximum out of your time.

Try To Practice Your Preparation

If there is no one to assist you, consider practicing your study questions and answers in front of the mirror if these are the oral questions. In case there is something to write on, practice writing at maximum. The student will feel much confident by doing so. Practice will bring out mistakes-which can affect when you are sitting in the examination hall or appearing online somewhere for the exam purpose. Make this very thing your habit until you cram all the necessary elements on your fingertips.

Take Breaks To Ease Yourself

A human mind can be attentive for 10 to 20 minutes, although this is not a proven fact but an estimate. It varies with little difference. It is known as attention span.

According to a study, Older kids are capable of longer attention spans than younger kids. An account cited, for example, that the average attention period in a child is: 7 minutes for 2-year-olds, 9 minutes for 3-year-olds, 12 minutes for 4-year-olds, and 14 minutes for 5-year-olds.

So to keep yourself super active, take breaks to ease yourself, and make yourself more productive. It is vital to improve the efficiency of your brain and to get maximum output. You may also call it a smart study with a smart approach.

Eat Healthy To Feed Your Mind Well

Take enough water to keep yourself hydrated. The water keeps the body super charged and active. Eat fish, add dry fruits in your daily diet, like nuts, almonds, walnuts, yogurt, long, in short, the nutritious food that is helpful for the body and the mind to keep you alert. Healthy food is helpful for your memory as well. Junk foods and unhealthy practices such as taking sleep for a few hours are bad for your overall health. So a perfect and balanced life style is much assistive for the studies and especially for the exams.

Do Not Just Cram Try To Understand

Crammed things are not much help as they stay for a shorter period. The best thing is to understand the crux and the main idea. Go for the smart study and try to enjoy everything that comes on your way. If you practice understanding things, your mind will work well and reproduce well. Try to grab the idea and try to explain it in your way. Practice as much as you can.

These are a few best practices to help you how to prepare for the exams. All I want to say at the end is, this is a smart era. The information is abundant in a digitally-driven time of ours, so we cannot possibly collect all the information in a shorter time. All we can do is, we can opt for smart and intelligent moves.

It is the only way to better succeed in the exams. Remember, superformula to succeed is to work smarter, not harder.


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