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How To Craft A Compelling Story-Best Practices

How many of you have watched the “Harry Potter” series? There are hundreds perhaps millions in the world who are well aware of this record-breaking series. The budget for its 8 films was $1.2 billion and on box office, it accumulated $7.7 billion. Don’t you think it’s a huge success? Yes, it is.

J.k. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” book was the best and record-selling book, which was sold up to 2.65 million copies in the first 24 hours in the UK alone. Isn’t it worth noticing?

So what was behind this huge success?

A well-crafted, compelling story that took J.K. Rowling years to create.

Stories were also a vital part of our societies in the past. Stories can turn a simple mind into a heroic figure. It can be the best source to transfer the history of one generation to the other. We tell stories to entertain, to mesmerize, and to narrate our tales to others. And above all, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” 

But how to craft a compelling story? It is the question we are going to tackle in this blog post. Let us discuss a few best practices to create the tale that engages.

Think of a protagonist and create it well

The protagonist is the soul of your story. If you do not have a protagonist, your story would be less effective. Create your protagonist or take it from the history pages but forget not to emphasize it in any way. With the help of a compelling protagonist, you can create a compelling story that can engage.

A protagonist may be tragic or the other way round. If the protagonist of your story is tragic here, do remember the thoughts of Aristotle on it. According to Aristotle, a tragic hero is the one who creates feelings of pity and fear in the audience.

Give it a dialogue

The style of dialogue is one of the wonderful tricks you can add to the story. Try creating compelling characters and add their dialogues to the story. Create different situations in the story that engage your readers well. These are the dialogues in addition to the main idea that catch the attention of the readers. They refer to these dialogues as they refer to the quotes, if compelling.

When an idea dawns upon you, start writing

Make it in one go. What does that mean? When some idea pops up in your mind, spare time for that, and try to take out what is on your mind in one go. Through it on the paper in whatever form it is, then after that rewrite it well and try to polish it in a way that suits you the most.

Keep the suspense going through the story

Suspense is what makes the story more catchy. Create the situations that produce questions in the minds of the readers that what will happen next? How the hero will overcome the difficult situation?

Will the traitors or antagonists be caught at someplace? And if they are caught what will be their end?

These are the questions that come into the minds of the readers while reading a compelling story. So struggle your level best to create suspense and drama in the story by putting different situations in the story.

Try to connect your audience with the characters

What does this mean? Take the examples from the society, pick the real incidents, examples, current happenings, references from the other sources, add figures, and connect the storylines with the audience for which you are crafting the compelling story. It will engage your readers at maximum, and the readers would most likely share your masterpiece with others increases your chances of success. Make it purposeful and problem solver. Do add morals at the end as this will make your work evergreen.

So while creating the one for your story,keep these best practices in your mind.

Finally, Remember,

“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.” Douglas Pagels

So whatever story you have craft it well and present it to the world to inspire.

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