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Happy Teacher’s Day

After parents, the first person a child idolizes is his/her teacher. Over the years, the favorites might change but the desire to be like the most inspirational figure in your life remains the same. As your personality develops, you start identifying with the teachers you admired in the past.

A teacher is not only responsible for explaining coursework to the students. He/she has more important roles like character-building and counseling in a student’s life. No matter which grade/standard you’re teaching, the job is loaded with some great responsibilities.

A teacher influences the whole life of an individual. He/she teaches the pupils good manners, morals, ethics, and whatnot. All of this is, of course, in addition to the relevant subject that the particular teacher has mastered.

All cultures and societies in the world value the role of a teacher immensely. The realization that you can make or break someone’s future is quite humbling. In all honesty, it seems way too intimidating as a career choice for many people.

At the same time, there is no career quite as rewarding as this one. The love and respect you see in a student’s eyes cannot be measured monetarily. It is an intangible certificate of appreciation that is forever preserved in your heart and soul.

The best ode to a teacher would be that you keep learning and growing throughout life. No matter how much you have aged or how much experience you have gained, never stop evolving. Remember that there is always more room for growth, which is a process that was started by your very first teacher.

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