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Famous Teachers in History

For the believers of any faith, their spiritual leader also holds the position of a teacher. They require guidance regarding the matters of life and death. They look up to a certain figure for the answers to their questions about how to deal with different situations.

Muslims follow the teachings of Muhammad (PBUH), Christians seek inspiration from the life of Jesus Christ while Buddhists look up to Buddha. Similarly, each religion needs an exemplary leader to show the followers the right way of life.

Apart from this, there have been some incredible teachers in all areas of life, in the books of history. For example, Einstein is an iconic name in the world of science. Nelson Mandela changed the world of politics forever. Hellen Keller on the other hand inspired the world with her character and grace.

A teacher is not just somebody you see in school every day. It is a role assumed by the brilliant people in every field. You give somebody the role of a teacher in your life when you start seeking inspiration from his/her actions/teachings.

Moreover, the idea of having a teacher is not restricted to academics. You could be inspired by your yoga instructor, your music teacher, or even a historic character that you only know through books. It is just about learning something from every individual you meet and every situation you stumble upon.

On this teacher’s day, be grateful for all the opportunities you’ve had to interact with all the knowledgeable people in your life. Without a teacher’s guidance, life would be quite dull and meaningless. Appreciate the blessing that a teacher is and try to pass it on the ones younger than you.

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