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English Language: Origin and Development

English language: Origin and Development 


English is among the most well-known languages all around the world. It is lately one of the most popular languages used for international communication. An interesting fact about English is that it contains lots of words that are borrowed from other languages. These languages include French, German, Spanish, and many more.

It originated in England and has become the official language of many countries like America, New Zealand, and India. This is why it has been given the status of ‘lingua franca’. The English language originated from the Proto-Indo-European language which was spoken about five thousand years ago. This was basically the language of the nomads who lived in the Southeast European plains.

According to the experts, only those languages survive over time that are adaptable to change. The English language has the ability to adopt or adapt words from other languages as per need. Words from over 350 different languages are now a part of the English language. That is why it has become the most spoken language around the globe.

This is one of the languages which have different accents. American English is spoken in a totally different manner than British English. Whereas Australian English is completely different from the English spoken in South Africa.

The modern English is far too different from Old English. Many languages which originated from the same parent language as English, have been forgotten. But the constant changes in English related to grammar and vocabulary have kept it alive.

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