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Some peoples’ names become synonymous with certain subjects. Any discussion about that particular field of study seems incomplete without mentioning such people. In the world of science, such an iconic name is that of the renowned scientist Albert Einstein.

Einstein is known as one of the pioneers of several phenomenal studies and theories. He did significant work on the philosophy of science. But his main contribution remains the theory of relativity.

The theory of relativity helps us in understanding gravity better. Today it constitutes a huge part of the physics syllabus being taught in different parts of the world. It was developed by Einstein back in 1905.

Apart from having a brilliant body of work that most of us know Einstein for, he was quite an interesting character. He was ambidextrous i.e he could write equally well with both hands, a rare quality which is possessed by very few people in the world. He would never wear socks as he deemed them useless since the big toe always makes a hole in them.

Although there were no proper IQ tests at that time, estimates now put Einstein’s IQ at above 160. Some people suspect he may have had uncombable hair syndrome, which is why his hair always looked tangled. He loved playing the violin and was inspired by Mozart.

Einstein once received an invitation to lead Israel as the country’s second president. He declined the offer citing his inability to handle social matters comfortably. Einstein had an incredible sense of humor and wit to match his scientific brilliance.


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