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Education and modern gadgets

Education and modern gadgets

Let’s admit, we have all been enslaved by technology. Whenever you step out in public, most of the people are busy scrolling through their phones. Even when there is no notification, we have developed a habit of checking the screen again and again.

The effects of this habit on adults are one thing, but even little children have not remained immune to this trend. They’re increasingly inclined to use modern gadgets for the sake of education and entertainment. Somehow, when our habits reflect in our children’s behavior, we see it as their fault and are extremely annoyed by it.

We often scold children for spending too much time in front of a computer or mobile screen. We remind them that its bad for their eyesight. Mostly, we consider it a waste of time.

But there is another aspect to this increased use of gadgets. Lately, there are so many educational apps and tools that are really helpful in learning new things. It is even possible to homeschool children using online resources.

For toddlers there are poems and rhymes that build a strong foundation for early learning. Then for children who are a little older there are apps designed specially to assist in homework and specific subjects. Apart from this, there are several apps and games designed to enhance the mental skills of children belonging to different age groups.

So, we need to remember that the usage of modern gadgets by children is not entirely bad. What we need to be more careful about is setting a time limit and monitoring the kind of content they watch. If used properly, these gadgets can prove to be a great help in a child’s academic life.

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