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Current education system

Does the current education system in most countries need an overhaul? Is it designed per the demands of the modern era? These questions are crucial in deciding a better educational policy for our future generations.

Nowadays, when a child is enrolled in school, he/she seldom shows enthusiasm to learn something new every day. A young soul’s inquisitive nature quickly changes to a competitive one as he/she struggles to excel in academic life. In some cases, the excitement to learn and grow is completely destroyed.

The feeling of dread that many people experienced early in the morning while going to school was partly related to the pressure of doing better than others. At some point or the other, we’ve all felt overwhelmed by the demands of the current grading system. Whether we realize it or not, this leaves an everlasting impact on our mental and physical health.

Lately, some countries are relaxing the grading system to make it less competitive for younger students. School life should be about gaining knowledge, becoming confident, and learning to deal with life’s problems in a better way. It should never be about evaluating self-worth through the position in a class.

Alternately, if a competitive grading system does continue to exist, children should be counseled and monitored continuously so that their mental health does not suffer. A child should not develop feelings of being insufficient based on his grades. It is high time that parents/guardians and learning providers get this debate going. After all, an individual’s long term health is much more important than his educational degree.

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