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Covid 19 and Mental Health

The ongoing global pandemic has taught us all some very important life lessons. But we also can’t deny the fears and concerns it has permanently instilled in us. Naturally, these also have some serious effects on our mental health.

Most people panicked when experts warned us about the deadly virus. Some were afraid to go out while others feared for their loved ones who were at a higher risk. The paranoia is not something that one can get over easily.

Then came the lockdown phase. Human nature is not meant for social isolation. Being cut off from the rest of the world can be emotionally traumatizing for many people.

Moreover, there is the imminent threat of financial recession looming over us. People have suffered losses beyond their imagination and nobody knows when this will end. For any individual, financial security is one of the most important aspects of mental peace. Not having that is understandably disturbing.

Seeing people suffer from COVID-19 was not easy. Not just for health professionals, but for the general public as well. Almost everyone knows someone who fell prey to the disease and nobody knows how to process the loss.

Financial and emotional traumas aside, the fear has handicapped our brains to a great extent. This is probably why it is said that living in fear is worse than the actual suffering. The next crisis that the world faces is that of a mental health emergency. While we recover from our individual losses, let’s learn to be compassionate not just to each other but to ourselves as well.

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