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The traditional instructional focus in math classes has been primarily on calculation and procedural skills, with little emphasis on developing students’ conceptual understanding or their ability to communicate mathematically. YourCloudCampus Stimulates interest in the learning of Mathematics by helping students understand and acquire basic mathematical concepts and computational skills. Develops creativity and the ability to think, communicate, and solve problems. Help the students develop number and spatial sense and the ability to appreciate patterns and structures of number and shapes. We work to enhance students’ lifelong learning abilities through basic mathematical knowledge. The Platform covers basic areas at the primary level of learning such as Number; Shape and Space; Measurement; Data Handling; and Algebra. At the junior (lower) secondary level, the concerned focus is on integration of content areas taught in the primary grades into main learning areas. In order to have a comprehensive idea the course description for primary and secondary levels are mentioned below:


Whole numbers
The nature of numbers
Fractions, decimals, and percentages
Calculating devices, Directed numbers and the number line
Numerical estimation
Approximation and errors
Rational and irrational numbers

Shape, Space & Measurement

Speed, Lines
Two-dimensional shapes
Three-dimensional shapes estimation in two- and three-dimensional figure measurement
Area and volume
Introduction to geometry
Pythagorean theorem
Trigonometric ratios and using trigonometry
Transformation and symmetry
Introduction to coordinates
Coordinate geometry of straight lines
Introduction to deductive geometry
Congruence and similarity
Angles related to lines and rectilinear figures

Data Handling

Introduction to various stages of statistics
Construction and interpretation of simple diagrams and graphs
Measures of central tendency
Introduction to probability


Formulating problems with algebraic language
Manipulation of simple polynomials
Laws of integer exponents
Factoring simple polynomials
Linear equations in one unknown
Linear equations in two unknowns
Linear inequalities in one unknown
Formulas, Algebraic symbols

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