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Christmas: Finance Education Guide for Kids

The holiday season is upon us, bringing a heightened need for strategic financial planning. It presents a prime opportunity to instill valuable lessons about money and enhance your children’s mathematical skills.

Grasping this chance to educate children about finances during the festive season aligns seamlessly with imparting the importance of generosity. Investing efforts in this endeavor can establish a foundation for lifelong sound money habits and contribute to shaping their values as they enter adulthood.

Outlined below are some approaches that you can teach your children about money both in the lead-up to and aftermath of Christmas.


The educational experience can commence ahead of the Christmas festivities by involving your children in the shopping process for gifts and other fundamentals.

Set a budget

Feel free to customize this to your preference. Whether you choose to establish a budget for gifts, dining experiences, or the entirety of the holiday season, there’s room to impart the importance of setting financial goals and adhering to them to your children.

Consider organizing weekly family gatherings to review the Christmas budget collectively. Enhance the learning experience by retaining receipts and involving your child in tallying up the expenses.

Let them pick a gift to give

Engaging your children in the gift-giving experience offers a wonderful opportunity for them to understand the significance of presents and learn about budgeting. Witnessing their involvement in selecting, paying for, and presenting the gift on Christmas Day not only adds to their happiness but also imparts essential lessons on responsible spending. Despite the initial apprehension of letting them choose a gift, their genuine desire to bring joy to the recipient often results in considerate selections. Providing guidance as they navigate the steps of purchasing the gift independently contributes to a valuable learning journey.

Take them on the Christmas food shop

Transform your visit to the grocery store into an engaging and hands-on lesson for children about the costs associated with a Christmas meal. Set aside extra time for your shopping trip, allowing you to explain to your child the individual expenses linked to items like turkey, vegetables, and potatoes.

Establish a predetermined budget for your child to follow before embarking on the shopping journey. While navigating through the store, keep a running tally of the costs of various ingredients. To enhance the learning experience, selectively remove items from the shopping basket and encourage your child to subtract these from the overall total. By the end of your supermarket visit, your child will have developed a deeper understanding of the financial aspects involved in preparing a festive meal.


The notable event has concluded, and your children have been fortunate to receive financial gifts from their loved ones. This presents new opportunities to instil important lessons in your children about the significance of handling their finances responsibly, whether it involves spending wisely or saving for the future.

Spend, save, give method

An effective guideline to impart to children is the ‘spend, save, give’ strategy. It’s straightforward: they can allocate a portion of their Christmas money for spending, set aside another portion for savings, and contribute to those in need. The ‘give’ component of this approach holds special significance, as it introduces a meaningful dimension to Christmas beyond mere spending. This installs in them the importance of generosity, a value that surpasses the joy of receiving gifts each year.

Put interest on their Christmas money

A wonderful method to promote enduring savings habits is by introducing interest to their Christmas money. You can negotiate a specific percentage with them and illustrate how their funds would accumulate each week if they choose to save instead of spending it all at once. This not only cultivates patience in your child and emphasizes the concept of delayed gratification but also introduces them to the realms of personal finance and banking. Acquiring an understanding of how the financial system operates can only serve to prepare them for success in their future endeavours.

Set up a savings account

If your child is old enough, you can take the above a step further by taking them to the bank and setting up their first savings account. The bank staff are usually very helpful when it comes to walking children through the process.

Opening a savings account will help your kids feel more in control of their money, plus they’ll get to see interest rates in action over time. It’s a win-win situation.


If you’ve explored all the previous alternatives, we have innovative suggestions to incorporate financial education for children during the festive Christmas season.

Christmas baking

Engage your kids in the holiday baking process this Christmas. Consider involving them in the kitchen, extending the learning experience from calculating ingredient costs during the food shopping trip. This hands-on approach fosters their understanding of recipe quantities, the metric system, and the overall cost of creating delicious treats.

Make homemade gifts

Creating homemade gifts as a family not only provides an enjoyable bonding experience but also serves as a valuable opportunity to instil in children the notion that gifts can symbolize more than just their monetary value. This activity helps convey the lesson that the worth of a gift extends beyond its price tag. By engaging in crafting homemade gifts, children learn that not every meaningful present needs to be extravagant or costly; in fact, homemade gifts can carry a more profound impact.


Engaging in volunteer work as a family during the Christmas season might seem abstract, but it’s an effective method to impart valuable lessons about money to children. Open conversations about the varying financial needs of individuals promote the development of empathy skills in children, fostering an awareness of the importance of considering others in their community.


The holiday season provides a fantastic opportunity to instil in children the importance of money and cultivate a generous spirit. Involving them in the shopping and gifting process can leave a lasting impression on their financial habits. To support your child’s development in money skills, Fleet Tutors offers experienced your cloud campus programs designed for all ages and capabilities.

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