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Children’s Cognitive Skills


Having a toddler at home can be really fun and interesting. At the same time, it can be extremely noisy and chaotic. The preschool years are very challenging for young parents as they’re also learning new things along with the child.

In the beginning, children are attracted to colors and shapes. This is what the academic course for preschool revolves around. Using this interest, children are taught to learn the basics of counting and numbers, sequence, simple artwork, etc.

Another thing that is common in all households with growing children is the sound of nursery rhymes. Children memorize these quite quickly. In fact, parents also have these tunes playing in their heads all day long.

But have you ever wondered what part of the child’s brain enables him/her to pick up all this information at such a young age? Or at a slightly older age, how does the child start adding or subtracting numbers so easily? Well, the answer is in the way a human brain’s cognitive skills develop over time.

Memorizing things, problem-solving, focusing attention are all examples of cognitive skills. In simple words, cognitive skills are the thinking abilities that make it possible for us to learn, remember, and use knowledge and information. Needless to say, this function of the brain is extremely important in life.

The curriculum for every grade in school is designed by keeping in mind the skills of the relevant age group. This is why children find it easy to grasp the concepts taught to them. By learning the basics of cognitive skills at different ages, parents can also help accelerate the child’s learning process.


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