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14 Punctuation Marks In English Language

In simple words, The right use of stops in writing is known as punctuation. Punctuation is to words as cartilage is to bone. Their significance compels us to say “Not To Ignore Punctuation Marks.“ There are 14 Punctuation Marks In English Language, which are as follows, The Period (.) Question mark (?) The exclamation point […]

Why? Not To Ignore Punctuation Marks

Do you all remember the joke we heard in childhood about punctuation? I remember my grandpa used to write ironically, ‘Let’s eat grandma’ and after the strict notice of grandma, he used to correct it with a single comma, ‘I did not mean that, and I just wanted to say, let’s eat, grandma’ (by adding […]

Story writing

Story writing Story writing is not just a writing activity but is it also a form of art. This art can captivate the minds of the readers and take them to a world which is physically unreachable. Fantasy, fairy tale, history, adventure you name it and you can be there just by flipping a few […]

English Language: Origin and Development

English language: Origin and Development    English is among the most well-known languages all around the world. It is lately one of the most popular languages used for international communication. An interesting fact about English is that it contains lots of words that are borrowed from other languages. These languages include French, German, Spanish, and […]

Punctuation and English Writing

Do you all remember the joke we heard in childhood about punctuation? For those of you that didn’t, it went something like this. By writing ‘let’s eat grandma’ and ‘let’s eat, grandma’ (with and without a comma), it was demonstrated that punctuation can make a huge difference in the message you’re trying to convey. While […]

Tips for Essay Writing

Writing is an art! It can take you to places that do not even exist in reality. You can travel to the land of magic or get an insight into a philosopher’s mind. There are no boundaries that can contain the power of writing. Essay writing or Prose is an important part of the English […]

The basics of English grammar

Richard C. Trench once termed grammar as the logic of speech and we couldn’t agree more. Grammar is the foundation of every language. Without proper grammar, writing and speaking skills can never improve. The basic grammar includes Tenses Forms of verbs Sentence structure Punctuation Getting these rights should be the target to make the writing […]

The Demand for English Language

The English language has a global outreach. It is used for official communication in several countries. Moreover, young people across the globe prefer to interact with their friends in English as it is considered more convenient than using regional languages. As the world shrinks into a global village, the demand for learning globally popular languages […]

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