Tips for Essay Writing

Writing is an art! It can take you to places that do not even exist in reality. You can travel to the land of magic or get an insight into a philosopher’s mind. There are no boundaries that can contain the power of writing.

Essay writing or Prose is an important part of the English language. Catching the attention of the reader is the focal point of every writer. So here are some tips which can improve your writing:

  1. Choose a topic which most people can relate to
  2. Brainstorm: gather all your ideas in one place
  3. Create an outline: arrange all the ideas in proper order
  4. Introductory paragraph: a good starting is very important in order to make a good impression
  5. Body paragraph: divide your writing into paragraphs, each paragraph should have a different point to discuss
  6. Concluding paragraph

Use of words:

Choosing the words wisely can create a lot of difference in the quality of your writing. Always use formal words in writing. Another important part is to add anecdotes, references, and observations to your writing. It broadens the writing perspective.

Writing is similar to creating a painting. It creates a world full of imagination and gives you food for thought.