Four interesting ‘techniques’ of Reading

Four interesting ‘techniques’ of Reading

Reading is a skill, an art and most importantly, it is a continuous activity. We use it in our daily lives without even knowing it. Sometimes we read words and other times we may read human expressions, behaviours and feelings.

There are some techniques that are very helpful when we are reading a text. They help us to increase our reading speed and also the comprehension of the text.

Fist technique is ‘Scanning’. Using it is very effective when you are searching for a specific term or an answer. You only look over the words related to your research and quickly get information about it. It helps you to skip the irrelevant material.  

Second technique is called ‘Skimming’. This technique is used when you want to get the overall gist if a text. It helps to find the purpose of the writing.

Third technique is ‘Intensive Reading’. Intensive reading is the detailed study of a text. This reading is mostly done in schools, colleges and universities where students read the text/books in order to get tested and evaluated over the acquired information. It Is a detailed learning process.

Lastly, ‘Extensive Reading’. this kind of reading is done for enjoyment. Reading novels and stories just for pleasure and one’s own interest.