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All work and no play

All work and no play

Over the recent years, it has been observed that the children have been struggling to manage their studies and play time activities.

The constant pressure of getting the highest grades is draining all the positivity from the children. A child who already spends 6-7 hours in school is made to study at home as well. Apart from that, the home work assignments and other home tasks make it hard for the students to relax.

As the learning/education process continues thorough out the life of a person, it is essential to train the students at a younger age on how to keep a balance in studies and leisure time.

Children should be able to make a schedule for their home work and leisure time. The practice to complete all the school work within the allotted time will give them a sense of responsibility as well as satisfaction.

The importance of physical or social activities should also not be ignored as it shapes up a child’s personality. Play time is as important as the study time. Following such schedule would make children feel more relaxed and refreshed.

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