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A Few Tidbits Of A Perfect Piece Of A Content

We all wish to be the gems of our fields, no matter whatever it is.

That is natural.

I do believe that having so many dreams in life is not worthy enough. The significant thing is how many steps you moved towards achieving those dreams. And to further add to this whole lot, I would say the more significant than this all is, how many dreams someone turned into reality.

That is what matters the most.

The same goes for the writers. To create a masterpiece that converts is a dream of all who picked the pen to write.

In our blog post “A Few Tidbits Of A Perfect Piece Of A Content”, Let us try to add a few chunks to know what makes a piece of content the perfect one.These are very basic tidbits to help writing any piece of the content you create.

So without further due, let us start.

Words Color Up The Whole Content

The first and foremost thing is, these are the words that count. It is famous for Words and keywords that these are like the things you place in a beautifully constructed home. If you chose things carefully, place these things in an organized way, this would give a perfect look and feel. On the other hand, if it is messy and not organized well, it will work the other way.

The same is the case for the words and keywords. Before you put them in a piece of content, hunt them carefully, bring them into your content nicely and place them in proper order, this will work the best.

Be More Conscious About Relevancy

What do you call a discussion which is confused and meshed up with irrelevant things? Sometimes we call it discussing something without coming to the point. We call it beating about the bush.

In simple words, it is called irrelevancy. If this is present in a piece of content, it will spoil it. Writing for the sake of writing is the wastage of time, energy, and resources if it does not fulfill a purpose.

When you are choosing your words, be relevant, relevant, and relevant just. Add a few words instead of putting hundreds without any purpose.

Google will not give it a damn. The updated algorithms of google are more prone to respect relevancy. Stuffing and disorganized combos of the words are the killer extras that are the stories of the past now.

Give Preference To Long Tail Keywords

Which one is more specific from Shoes and Red lace-up shoes? Of course, your choice would be the Red lace-up shoes. Here, ‘Shoes, is very much general, and the latter one is more specific. It is called the concept of long-tail keywords. Choose the long-tail keywords with care and put them in relevant paragraphs, and try organizing them well. It would add value to the perfect piece of your content.

Make Enticing Headlines

Almost 70% of visitors go for the headlines, and only 30% land on the content you add below. To make them more catchy and engaging, try adding the vocabulary which appeals, and forget not to add some value to the content. It will increase the chances for your content to be read at maximum.

For instance, in the heading of this very paragraph, instead of writing it like ‘Make beautiful headlines’, we can add up the more attractive word that is ‘Make ENTICING headlines.’

Make the headlines catchy and meaningful. Try to make headlines prominent with H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags instead of making them bold only as these tags assist in search engine optimization(SEO).

Give Knowledge And Solve Queries

What do you say about why most people put queries on search engines? To find something, to have some knowledge, to get the answer to their concerns. If someone goes through your article and finds the answers to his queries, the content fulfilled its purpose. There are higher chances you will get more organic traffic, shares, and likes than your competitors.

So to make your content a perfect piece, try adding knowledge and solving queries as much as you can. That means your content is grabbing its place in google’s algorithm because of its quality, uniqueness, relevancy, and compelling and catchy headlines.

By following these tidbits, if you successfully turn the traffic towards your blog, successfully converted your visitors into your customers, and secured a safe and high position in the Google algorithm, you created a perfect piece of content. In that case, you need a tap on your back.

So, quickly cram these tidbits, apply them all and be a success story.

Now, will you be able to create a perfect piece of content? If yes, start applying these tips and tricks now.

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