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A Few Myths About Online Education

Many of us have gone topsy-turvy about online education.

Are you one of those “Many”?

There are many differences between traditional brick-and-mortar types of education and online education. Both have their pros and cons. But, in our today’s blog post, let us discuss a few myths about online education, and let us try to answer a few of your questions that might have muddled you a lot.
The first and foremost myth about online education is that,

Inside the classroom, there is no personal focus

The fact is online education is easier, more of a direct communication is generated by virtual classrooms and noisy distractions can also be avoided.

It doesn’t mean that you actually need to surrender personal focus only because you’re not with other students and an instructor during a classroom. Many online course teachers leave the questions and comments section at the very best of a lesson and provide college children with their email addresses to reach them.

Employers won’t give online degrees a damn

The fact is, more that 55% employers regard online degrees, according to the approved studies.

Online courses are designed with the requirements of working adult learners in mind and are built to ensure that students learn principles and practices that are instantly relevant to their work environment in collaboration with seasoned practitioners in industry and business.

The problem of Credits

According to a few credits wont be shifted to other universities. The tip is just to confirm the concerned school that you are submitting your official transcript for credit approval.

Each college and university on campus has its own credit transfer policies. If after completing an online course of study, you are going to transfer to a normal school, confirm that you contact administration officials before starting the course to ensure that everyone transfers from your new credits.

Another Myth about online education is it is expensive, but,

Online is cheaper

The fact is if you compare it with the traditional style of educational systems, you will find the online education more cheaper than that.

Online programs may also be less expensive than a private institution, especially one that is located in another state or country than the one you live in. Not all classes, however, are created equal. Many online schools may cost a lot more or may have hidden fees. Confirm that you will choose a faculty that fits your budget.

Another myth is, online degrees are not current, sounds strange? Yes it sounds.

Online degrees are more extensive

Programs for online degrees tend to be more extensive than a textbook. Most textbooks are typically published and are not often revised annually by one or two experts. You have the ability to find professors with online degree programs, many of whom are also working as teachers throughout the world as well. A course in a textbook only gives one point of view and requires the scholar to actually consider the correct one.

Fact: Online professors give a variety of points of view on the subject and will interact with you on these topics through online e-mails and articles.

Lack of interaction with class mates

This myth should also be clarified as for online courses, peer-to-peer learning is central. From discussion boards to group projects, presenting group projects using online conferencing softwares, and participating in peer review of various kinds, there are several ways to communicate with other students. In reality, many online courses require frequent peer interactions several times a week, meaning there are plenty of opportunities in the course to connect and learn from other students.

Finally, I would like to conclude our discussion with the quote of Paul Levinson, he said once,

Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities.

So inspite of the fact that there are too many myths about online educations and many of them are not based on facts rather they are just the myths. And according to a few myths are just a waste of time as they prevent progression.

So will you be following the myths from now on wards or the facts scrutinized and derived from the studies?

Do ponder a bit and spread the truth around.

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