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6 Educational Terms, Their Benefits That Everyone Should know

Whatever field you are in, it has its own terminologies. The terms we use for one field may differ from the others, to be well aware of these all is an important thing, as many of them are derived, coined, or named after an utmost struggle of the experienced people. If you are not well acquainted with these, you might feel difficulties in becoming a pro. To know them well, let us briefly discuss, 6 Educational Terms Their Benefits Everyone Should Know,

The first and foremost is,

Creative Thinking

Thinking outside the box, bringing a solution to a problem, deriving something new from data can be regarded as creative thinking. It is in demand in current times.

As the spine behind many learning developments, including STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), thinking, imaginative reasoning, unique reasoning, and joined reasoning. There are currently degree programs springing up for innovative deduction, as it has become an obviously perceived resource.

Learners should be well aware of creative thinking as, without it, they cannot look into the problems with a different and fresh perspective.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding, using, and managing your emotions is known as emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient. Sometimes overcoming the challenges of life and resolving an issue also comes into this category.

Teaching students about how to adapt to their feelings, both inside and outside of the homeroom, encourages them to prevail throughout everyday life: fewer dropouts, less confinement, fewer suspensions, and the rundown proceeds. Rehearsing it in schools can show promising outcomes and may have long-lasting positive results.


Anything which adds amusement, quality of being funny, or something that makes people laugh.  

Humor works as a perfect tool to enhance the learning process. 

According to “Tracey Tokuhama”, “chuckling (humor or laughter) triggers the arrival of endorphins and improves oxygenation in the cerebrum, the two of which help in learning.”

Also, the arrival of dopamine, identified with joy, affects memory and learning. Most instructors realize it works, as it is frequently a most loved device.

It makes educational sessions more memorable. It can initiate and can enhance students’ interest. Humor can also improve their divergent thinking in the best way.


A room or a space that has tools inside, where people or students enter with ideas, where they can build something unique according to their taste.

The lab inside the homeroom, a shared workspace, sometimes for coding, 3D displaying, and sometimes for mechanical technology, carpentry, and so forth, Makerspaces are involved workspaces inside the study hall. They are assigned explicitly for testing, building, learning, and at last, making.

These Makerspacers are wonderful places for people to realize their creativity. These provide students an opportunity to give shapes to their ideas.


The knowledge of your thinking and the knowledge of how to control that thinking is regarded as Metacognition.

It is basically Showing students how to consider their own cycle of reasoning, empowers basic reasoning and self-guideline aptitudes. Showing metacognition in the homeroom, as development diaries and intelligent activities, invigorates learners’ inspiration, fabricates and builds independent and learning environment.

It increases ownership of the learner. It improves their educational and behavioral performance at its best.


It may be regarded as a teaching process that helps students move into their learning phase, in skill acquisition progressively and step by step. 

This requires separating the learning into reasonable lumps with instruments to go with each part of the learning. The framework is the progression preceding guidance and can work well when a task is separated into smaller chunks. By dividing the difficult tasks into small phases helps learners grasp the skill in a better way.

It helps students to go for discoveries. Provides them a welcoming and supportive environment. It increases their focus as well.

There are so many Educational Terms other than these, like growth mindset, flipped classrooms, digital storytelling, and so many. We will keep on covering them all in our upcoming blogs.

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