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5 Tips To Cultivate Reading Habit

Let us begin our blog, 5 Tips To Cultivate Reading Habit, with the wise advice of Amit Kalantri, he said once, “Before this generation lose the wisdom, one advice – read books.”

Thought-provoking advice, indeed. 

The more we are becoming lazy readers the greater is the rate of the quality brains we are losing. Join a gossip around the corner of the streets, dig deep inside the societies, and try to find out where we stand? The thoughts are scattered. The logic is not concrete. The lack of knowledge is at its fullest. The only thing which is available in abundance is the information and bickering, unfortunately.

So, what to do with the information just if we do not have a reasonable concrete dialogue and cannot come to the point of discussion, which gives a solution to our problems and concerns.

So the time is ticking, let us enhance the need for reading among people, the only way to save the wisdom which is at the brim.

Here are quick tips and a few practices that can help improve reading in the busy era of ours.

Begin With 10 Minutes Reading

If you have not read a single book in the last 3 months, it is alarming. So take it seriously. If you are not in the habit of reading, start it by sparing 10 minutes daily. But focus not on reading at this stage, but try to be consistent in this.

Secondly, ask yourself to spare these minutes only for reading purposes. This is to train your mind for a habit that was not in your schedule. In the beginning, it may seem a little tough, but believe me, the day you become a habitual reader, you will feel a boost in your personality and success ranks.

Read A Few Pages In The Beginning

Set a daily target as you set the time to give your reading. For example, you can take start with 15 to 20 pages each day. This won’t burden you and you will slowly be able to develop reading daily. A few, in the beginning, are enough. Do add another thing is, try to note down a few important things and info which you were not aware of before. Try discussing it with your friends, partners, or colleagues. This will help you two ways, first is you won’t forget the info you gathered, and secondly, it will develop a learning environment around you.

Select Super Awesome Things To Read

Go for online surveys and reviews. Do a little research, let say, the “Inspirational Educational Books” select them carefully and start reading. Go for the topics that suit you the most. Remember it is all about interest. When you searched well, chose well the content you want to read, the probability is higher that you will never feel bore.

Join A Study Club Or Library

If you are not in the habit of reading too much or you are less motivated, join a study club or a library.

The best thing about joining these clubs is, you find the people of the same interest. If in case you are demotivated, your company may buck up and can assist you in keeping yourself on track. Share your problems with the ones who have maintained this habit for years or to the ones who are book worms, you will definitely find some inspiration. The more motivated you are the higher are your chances to become a book lover.

Read Sometimes Casually

This is a wonderful tip but needs some extra attention. There are the moments in your routine life that you have the time when you are doing nothing, for example, in public transport while traveling towards some distant land, make a habit of keeping an interesting book with you. Remind yourself that you will be having a few extra hours while traveling, so you may read.

Remind yourself of the wonderful lines of Vera Nazarian,Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”

So read sometimes casually, push yourself to improve the habit of reading because this is a super awesome habit to adopt. 

And when you yourself are done with this, go a step ahead, prepare others for that. Especially the mothers at home can do wonders as if we really want to save our generations to come then we have to work on children from their early childhood. As when they grow bigger they won’t feel any sort of disinterest for being a reader.

Mothers for their children are like academies so they can play a significant role. And if your children have such a mother they are the luckiest on this planet. According to Strickland Gillian, it is a wealth which more expensive than the precious jewels and coffers of gold. This is why he wrote,

You may have tangible wealth untold; caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I, you can never be. I had a mother who read to me. 

So before we lose the wisdom in our coming generations, start following these tips and try to level up your reading habit for not only yourself but for the generations to come.



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