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5 Things That Make Online Educational Platforms A Better Choice 


The world has evolved in every aspect of life. Technology has changed the way we eat, dress, and travel, the modern world has changed everything. Online Educational Platforms are also a beauty of the modern age. Covid-19 struck the world and held the world population in a chokehold. There comes a realization and recognition for online education. Online education was not widely accepted but then it became a necessity for the world. When working on online platforms students realized it is the thing of the future for sure. Some institutes used software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Similarly, Online learning Platforms for students were also developed.

So, which is the best online educational platform? It is a very open-ended question. Everyone has their preferences and they judge these digital educational platforms according to their likes and dislikes. A lot of online educational websites are working for the title of best online teaching platform. Which online learning platform is best? It is a pretty tricky question. Our choices might not match but you guys will acknowledge some of the online educational platforms that are being mentioned below are the best in the services they provide.

According to the metrics we have set best online educational platforms for 2022: These are,





     Your Cloud Campus




*it is expected that these educational platforms will continue to be the best in the year 2022 and moving forward.

One thing that should be considered here too is that online educational platforms for teachers have been a new source of revenue stream. Teachers are paid less than other working classes so these platforms have helped teachers to teach more people with more efficiency. It is requiring less effort for teachers too. Online education has surely made things easy for teachers and students.

Let’s look at the study done by California State University. They studied two groups. One group had students which were sent to class. The other group studied online. The students were given the same instructions. The study revealed that the performance of students was pretty identical but one thing that stood out was the group that was studying online was interacting and participating in class very well. Thus online education was helping them be more expressive and it is a common psychology that if a student is more expressive the chances of him learning new things is much more than a student that is just sitting in a class.

Babson Survey Research Group also did interesting research that shows the acceptance of online education and these platforms among modern-age students. The survey showed that about 30% of higher education students in the USA are at least attending one online course. This ratio might be higher in European Countries.

This blog is all about online education but a few more things that make these platforms the better way to learn and mentioned below:

No Geographical Bounding:

Geography can halt your desire and passion for learning things. Some of the things you need to study are not being taught in your country. So these online platforms and courses are helping you to achieve your goals within the confinements of your room and country. Your teacher might be sitting in Asia or Africa these platforms have made it the least of your problem. Switch on your computer and start learning. Online learning has surely ended these boundaries that have kept mankind captive. Even big schools like Harvard and MIT have understood the importance of online education and are offering extensive online courses.

More Engaging:

As mentioned in the blog earlier that studies have proved these online platforms have proved to make the best out of the students. Students interact more with their teachers among themselves and their concepts and ideas can mature.

You can study and understand concepts through interactive slides and videos and graphics on our screen which thus makes it a very interesting experience.

Cost Efficient:

There are two big questions in the minds of students when we talk about online education platforms. Is online education better? Is online education cheaper?

The education you get through these platforms is engaging and helps you understand better and expands your arsenal.

But the answer to your second question is, Is online education cheaper? Our answer will again be YES. It is cost-efficient. These platforms have made learning so easy and so cheap that it is remarkable. You can learn a skill from for example Coursera way cheaper than you have to pay if you go into a university.

You just need an internet connection and learn nothing more. Stays in your bed sip tea, eat some crisps, and just study. No one will ever call you lazy that is also a plus point.

It Is More Flexible:

Online platforms are more flexible. You can learn at your pace and on your schedule. It will also help you to do a job as well as learn. You will be able to juggle more without feeling restless and overworked. It is because you will be able to study at a time that is feasible for you.

One of the plus points is by juggling around work and learning you will be able to improve your pay scale because you would have added more things to your repertoire.


These platforms are also mobile-friendly and you can access these online education portals through your mobile. If you have an internet connection the world is at your feet. You are the master of your fate. Work hard and make the situations better for yourself. These platforms will help you belong in the modern world that is changing every day and night.


Online educational platforms are a reality and they are giving a strong challenge to the old-school educational system. Is Online Education equivalent to physical education? We have tried our part in this ever-going discussion. The platforms are cheaper and help you get several skills so work smart and work hard. Hard work is the only key to success whether you study physically or learn through these online educational platforms.






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