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5 Major Flaws Of Our Educational System

Education is essential for an individual man. It is considered necessary for the progress of a nation. The modern education system has flaws, and they are pretty visible. The Modern Education system produces 9-5 job workers with a limited skill set and working hard to meet ends. There is a famous saying: “School kills the artist in you.” We have to think that our education system is creating students with mental health issues because they have not been able to express themselves creatively.

Degrees are pointless

Another school of thought thinks that getting a degree is not necessary. Their argument for this statement is that all the famous people in America’s society are in school or college drop out. They believe something is lacking in America’s education system that people who don’t complete their education are more successful than those who have completed their education. Some note able people who have not completed their education and have made a name for themselves are Lebron James and Bill Gates, and both have gone out to become billionaires. Some think this school of thought is dangerous for the younger generations. Kids should learn and complete their degrees. But realistically speaking, this debate won’t conclude soon.

Gary Vaynerchuk Philosophy

Gary Vaynerchuk is a very popular entrepreneur, and you can see his videos popping up on Facebook or TikTok. He is one of the few persons who is a huge proponent of 4 TickToks daily. You can see in his videos that he shows excellent disliking for the current education system in America. He has criticized the education system of America and strongly dislikes student loans, which students take to complete their college education if they don’t get scholarships. He believes students should study only until middle school and start their hustle. He has been ridiculed a lot, but he firmly believes in his ideologies, and he calls college degrees pointless.

Student loans

Student loans are one of the most defining factors in people not continuing their higher education. Students in America and every other country deal with the student loan problem, and no government has been able to do anything about it. Some of the numbers are very important to consider if we think about the education system and the problems it is facing today.

34% of students think that their universities or colleges are not preparing them for success in their job market. They believe that they have wasted their money.

Student debt is the second highest debt in America after home mortgages. Student loans are about 1.3 trillion dollars.

Another alarming stat is also from the education system of America. 13 Million U.S students are more likely to drop out in the upcoming decade. The United States government will have to incur the loss of 3 trillion dollars. The situation is also similar to the education system of the UK.

Governments have to look at the issues in the education system sincerely. They have to solve the problem of student loans and subsidize the education department for everyone to get an education.

Flaws in the modern education system

There are some glaring issues with the education system. Authorities have to take some significant steps to remove such problems. The shooting incidents in America have opened discussions regarding the flaws in the modern education system. Some of these flaws are discussed in this blog.

Minimal parental participation

One of the flaws in the education system is actually located outside of the education system. The parents of today’s day and age are not much involved in their children’s studies. They don’t pay much attention to the academic performance of their kids. Some might have two jobs to work, and some might not have an interest in general. This develops a non-serious attitude among kids. It is because they need a guiding force to guide them, and they don’t develop a sense of responsibility. The outcome is terrible grades, kids falling into bad company, and the danger of losing a pray to drugs.

One of the most significant flaws with the education system is the non-commitment of parents toward their kids’ education.

Bullying in schools

Bullying is one of the most important factors in the educational system of today. Schools and Universities need to conduct awareness and teaching sessions regarding bullying and its effects of bullying. If a student is bullied in their class or during or after the lecture on a particular subject, he won’t be able to stay focused while studying.

If you want to stay focused while studying, read the following blog.  

A study by the National Centre of Education Statistics shows pretty alarming results. The study eludes that about 20% of students are bullied when they are going home or in class. These students belonged to class 6 or 12. We have to work on these students. They should be sent to therapy to attain good mental health.

Ten things that can contribute to good mental health. Also, read about them.

Congestion of students in schools

The public or Government schools are overly crowded. If the classrooms are overly crowded, then the teacher can’t give much attention to the kids in the class. In a class, there might be some kids that need a little more attention than normal kids, and if the classrooms have that much capacity present, the teacher won’t be able to pay that much special attention to that particular kid. The outcome of which may be the student getting fed up with his studies, and that will translate into bad results.

A study by the national center of education statistics reveals that 14 percent of the schools in the United States are crowded and have exceeded their normal limits.

Job security for the teachers or educators

In the private sector, especially in the Asia region, there is very minimal job security for teachers. Teachers are being fired from time to time, there will be no continuity in the system, and things will have to start from a new point when the new teacher comes.

How a teacher or professor can perform to the best of his abilities when there is the impending danger of them getting fired from their job? So governments should do something about the job security of teachers.

The financial condition of Students

Who is to blame for the failing education system? Poverty and lack of government efforts to make education affordable are one of the main reasons for the failing education system. Governments all over the world are unable to make education affordable. Everyone can’t get a scholarship, but they want to study. Governments have made no efforts to facilitate such students.

When can’t a student afford studies, what other options do they have? They have to do some odd meager jobs and won’t be able to make both ends meet result will be them indulging in criminal activities.


We have to acknowledge that the modern education system has flaws, and it needs to be improved and enhanced. The mental health of students and their financial conditions are one of the most important factors in them dropping out. Governments should spend heavily on students’ mental health, and also there is a need for some worldwide legislation to make education affordable for students.

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