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2020 and its challenges

From the blood moon to the fire in Beirut, from extreme weather to a global pandemic, this year has shown us all kinds of challenges one after another. There is a long list of unprecedented incidents that this generation has witnessed. Needless to say, the year 2020 is far from ordinary.

No person, no community, no country has remained unaffected from the disastrous events this year. Be it economy or finances, health, social security, everything has gone downhill since January. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2021 is the most awaited year in history.

Although it is understandable that we would quickly want to forget and look past 2020, it would be unfair to go through so many challenges and still refuse to change for the better. We already know that in the future there will be more issues of this kind (global warming, for instance) and hence, we shall focus on being better prepared. So, we should treat this year as a learning lesson in our lives.

Among some of the most important things that these circumstances have taught us, one is patience. If we remain patient and don’t act irresponsibly, we can get through almost anything and everything. This quality is extremely helpful generally in one’s individual life as well.

The second thing that we should be thankful for is the farsightedness that these tough times have instilled in us. We are able to plan ahead and minimize risks. Once normalcy returns, this will help us make more profitable decisions in life.

But most importantly, this has re-ignited the sentiment of humanity. It has made us more compassionate and taught us to value social connections. And if we don’t let go of this quality, we don’t have to worry about any challenge that nature may throw our way.

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