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10 Things That Can Contribute To Good Mental Health

10 Things That Can Contribute To Good Mental Health

10 Things That Can Contribute To Good Mental Health

Since the creation of this world, man has been striving to achieve stability in his life. Good Mental Health is a phenomenon that is required to work at your greatest potential. Mental Health is as important as food, the man in his right piece of mind is a man that is motivated and determined and can conquer the world. But Mental illness has a very ill effect on the life of people it consumes their bodies. We as a civilization must come together and fight these mental health issues. This blog implores the things which can contribute to great mental strength.

Mental health is vital for humans. The World Health Organization defines well-being by saying “A condition of complete physical, mental, and social prosperity”. For all of us our psychological, physical, and social well-being are reliant.

If we look at a study done in 2016 in the United States, it shows how mental stress has taken society by storms. The study reveals that out of each five, one person at least has complained of a mental illness. Another study shows it is expected that 46.4% of Americans will encounter some type of dysfunctional behavior in the course of their life.

Emotional wellness issues are not completely perceived by numerous arrangement creators, medical services suppliers, payers, and individuals from the overall population. Mental issues are time and again untreated, underdiagnosed, misdiagnosed, overlooked, demonized, and excused.

According to the WHO Mental Health Atlas 2017, countries evaluate their entire expenditure on mental health by combining sub-national and public data. In general, psychological wellness spending accounted for less than 2% of government budgets for well-being.

Linda Poindexter has discussed the struggles of mental health in the following words:

One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.” — Linda Poindexter.

 These words can surely be very motivating for people who are struggling with mental health issues. Mental Health issues should never be stigmatized and they should be fought hands-on.

Individuals with mental health issues have extreme dread or tension, which identifies with specific items or circumstances. A great many people with a tension problem will attempt to stay away from openness to whatever triggers their nervousness.

Our psychological well-being can likewise be contrarily impacted by specific circumstances we face in our lives. With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychological wellness and dysfunctional behavior have been brought to the front line of our brains. The pandemic has radically changed numerous parts of our lives and has brought an extraordinary feeling of stress, frailty, and dread. Nobody has been left unaffected by COVID-19 and this is the reason it’s a higher priority than any time in recent memory to be adjusted to our psychological well-being necessities and focus on our psychological prosperity.

Good Mental Health Is Important

“Mental wellness” alludes to how individuals think, feel and go about as they face life’s circumstances. Our psychological well-being influences how we handle pressure, identify with each other, and decide. Also, emotional wellness impacts how people check out themselves, their day-to-day routines, and others in their lives. Like actual well-being, psychological wellness is significant at each phase of life.

All parts of our lives are impacted by our psychological wellness, and securing our youngsters’ emotional well-being is a characteristic piece of our parental commitment. Focusing on our youngsters genuinely just as is basic to their day-to-day routines and their autonomy.

Good Mental Health in a workplace

A place where your mental health is tested every day is the confines of your office. Some people always have issues handling stress. There are many ways of helping such colleagues. Work place should be a platform to express the problems.

 Awareness sessions can be held to improve the mental health and well-being of employees, but they can also serve to educate people who are not much aware of anxiety and mental stress. Teaching and education can help employees who suffer from such diseases, and it can also help make the environment of the workplace better.

Good Mental Health for kids

According to a study on out of 6 children at least one child is facing mental health problems. It is quite an alarming stat. The study shows that 75% of the kids that deal with mental health issues are not getting the proper help they need.

Children going through some domestic trauma are more susceptible to these mental health conditions. The well-being of children is important, and they should be involved in activities like sports that play a considerable positive impact on their physical and mental health. Talk with the kids and encourage them to open up. This will help the kids to share their feeling and parents will also have an idea of how to help them.

Children are not that expressive parents should urge them to talk with them. Sit on the countertop, discuss with them, eat dinner, open a pathway for them to open up make them comfortable that’s how we can relieve them of their trauma.

Some of the methods to improve mental health are as follows:

Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Talk about your feelings to others

As mentioned earlier multiple times in the blog “talk about these things”. Sharing about these ailments not only increase your confidence but will also open a room for dialogue that will help you learn different perspective about life and yourself. Glenn Close has also mentioned it in a similar way

What mental health needs, is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.


Glenn Close

The most important and foremost thing for the people who are facing depression or anxiety is just to be vocal and talk about their problems it will help you for sure.

Eat well

There is a famous quote that echoes around in the sports world of America. “Eat Good, Feel Good, And Play Good”. It should be the mantra of life for everyone. Eating well keeps you physically fit which also makes you mentally strong.

UK’s Mental Health Foundation has issued a new study which indicates that mental health problems have peaked in the past 50 years due to poor diet.

Do exercise

Workout keeps you in great physical shape but also keeps you in a good mental state. Taking a jog or working hard in a gym has surely acted as a reason to reduce stress and anxiety. People have felt more relaxed after doing some physical exercise studies showed that.

Take care of yourself

No one can take care of you if they are not willing to take care of yourself and make an improvement towards a better life. Taking care of oneself is a culmination of different little things like sleeping well, eating well, and doing exercise. Just keep a positive approach towards life and it will help you in the long run to combat your demons.

Ask for help

Mental Health problems are a constant battle and on some days you will feel more vulnerable than on regular days. These things are not to be ashamed of. In these times seek the help of your loved ones. They recognize your battles and are proud of you.

Just know that the ones who love you are always open to listening to your vulnerabilities. Pick up your phone and call your mother or your best friend. Talk to them it will surely help you get through your day.

Relax and take a break

Taking breaks is important to keep you in great spirits. If you are working very hard and feel exhausted it is okay to take a break. Go out with your loved ones eat a good dinner or walk in a park or lay on the sand on the beach.

Going out and taking a break will surely regroup you and you can return to your normal life rejuvenated and will work with more efficiency.

Sleep properly

Take good sleep. It will surely relax your mind and you will work to your maximum potential. Study says that sleeping 6-8 hours a day will keep you active all day but will also keep you in a great mental state.

Sleep early and get up early and go out for a walk these things will help you reduce your stress and anxiety.

Accept what you are

Self-realization is very important in your journey of combating stress and anxiety. Every day is an uphill battle when you are facing stress and anxiety. The building step in getting rid of these problems is to accept that they exist and then work on an action plan to improve yourself.

Self-realization will help you see the flaws in you and then you can work hard to fight depression and anxiety with the help of your peers. These fights should never be fought alone.

Interact with others

Interacting with others will help you relieve your stress. If you are sitting in a metro or a bus talk to the person sitting next to you to build up a conversation. Know people and tell them about you too. It will surely help you build confidence and will not make you overwhelmed around people.

Improve your flaws

Improve whatever shortcomings you have. It will help you become a better person but will also make you a responsible citizen of society.

Whether it is your personal life or your professional life the only way to excel is when you improve your flaws.


Good mental health is a process that is achieved through continuous efforts. A strong recognition is being developed around the world regarding these mental health issues. Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated every year in May. These kinds of efforts have surely helped reduce the stigma around mental health diseases but more efforts are required to help people fighting these diseases.

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